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Eyebrow Shaping Kit

Eyebrow Shaping Kit

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Perfect eyebrows in under 30 seconds?

We all know how much eyebrows impact the allure of our faces.

Forget the hassle of morning eyebrow grooming.

The eyebrow kit lets you shape your eyebrows effortlessly in just 30 seconds.

Suitable for all eyebrow and skin types.

Enjoy flawlessly shaped, natural-looking eyebrows for an intense look with the eyebrow set.

The set includes 10 reusable stencils with various styles suitable for all eyebrow and skin types.

✨ Easy to use:

The Perfect Brow Kit, with its compact and practical design, is perfect for both beginners and experts. Follow the simple instructions for professional results at home.

The eyebrow kit is designed to be easily removed. Just wipe it away like regular makeup with a makeup remover wipe.

Rest assured, it's water, sweat, and rain-resistant, ensuring it stays on all day.

The goal is to keep your brows healthy while saving a lot of time.



✅ Intense look in only 30 seconds

✅ Adapts to all eyebrow and skin types

✅ Super easy to apply and clean

✅ Perfect and natural look

✅ Formulated with natural ingredients


1x eyebrow powder

10 eyebrow stencils

2 small brushes for touch-ups 

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